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Google and other search engine companies will reward your site for having activity. Activity can consist of visits, links to your website on other websites, and comments on posts/articles that are on your website from the visitors of your website. The problem is that in order for your website to be found you will first need activity like this, but you cannot get activity until your website can be easily found. it is a conundrum that has been engineered in order to get you to buy ads to promote your site. Even if you do buy ads to promote your site, chances are there is a larger company spending way more on ads then you will ever be able to!

The fix for this problem is this service! With this service we will pay people, who are local to your service/retail area, to visit your website, read the article and then post a thoughtful comment or question. This can be done for a post, a special, a news item, an article, or just about anything else on your website! Over time, this will give your website a better ranking in search engines.

The people we recruit to do this task are actual people in your service/retail area. We personally do a thorough check on each person to make sure they are an active social media user and that they live where they say they do.

Benefit: Get a large search engine optimization boost to your website per comment.

Price is $5 per Website Article Comment

Please Note! You are purchasing quality promotion from influential people in your community. Businesses spend thousands of dollars to try to get noticed and always hope to get word of mouth advertising. This gets you quality and effective word of mouth advertising by people in your area.



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