Get Likes & Comments on Facebook Post


Get real, influential people in your community, who are active on Facebook, have a lot of friends, and who have a strong desire to support small businesses to read, like, and leave a thoughtful comment on a post that a has made on your business’ Facebook page. This Opportunity is best applied when you have a great post that may be wordy or just not read by many for various reasons and you want to ensure that it is read and noticed by the people of your community. Each person is required to read the post and then post a comment in the form of a sentence. This Opportunity is also good if you just want to make your posts show up more to the people who have liked your page.

Benefit: Ensures that your post is completely read and understood by people in your community. It also means that your posts are less likely to be suppressed by Facebook to your fans because Facebook will show posts that have high engagement (likes, comments, shares). 

Price is $5 per Facebook Post Like & Comment

Please Note! You are purchasing quality promotion from influential people in your community. Businesses spend thousands of dollars to try to get noticed and always hope to get word of mouth advertising. This gets you quality and effective word of mouth advertising by people in your area.



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