Get Questions or Comments on Houzz Project Image


Get real people in the community of your business, who have a desire to support small businesses, to post a thoughtful comment or question on the project photo that a you have posted on your Houzz profile. This Opportunity is ideal when you have great projects that you want to ensure that they are seen by the people on Houzz. The more comments/questions project photos have the higher the chance it will be promoted by Houzz.

Benefit: Get a boost to your Houzz profile per question or comment. This means your profile is more likely to be seen by Houzz users.

Price is $5 per Houzz Project Photo Question or Comment

Please Note! You are purchasing quality promotion from influential people in your community. Businesses spend thousands of dollars to try to get noticed and always hope to get word of mouth advertising. This gets you quality and effective word of mouth advertising by people in your area.



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